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Logan Law sprint Series

The Logan law Sprint Series is the newest Go Karting Challenge in Brisbane and it has the richest prizes and best line up of competition ever seen on the Brisbane Go Karting scene.


ENTRY IS $89.00 per person / $267.00 per team….. for each round

The event is a 4 race Go Kart sprint night sponsored by Logan Law were drivers will race for team points and individual points in an attempt to win some of the fabulous prizes on offer. The highest individual point’s scorer will win some fantastic prizes on the night whilst the highest team score will be awarded with a trophy for the 1st through to 3rd positions and very valuable points towards the grand prize.


The teams will compete over 5 rounds with Round One being on track at 6:30 pm on Wednesday 24th May 2017. 

The points from each round will accumulate during the season and the team with the most points with be awarded a magnificent VIP experience at the GC 600


There will be 4 races on the night in which 8 teams will compete and there will likely be up to 3 separate groups battling for the points, in all 24 teams of 3 drivers may compete. On the night the top 3 teams from each group will be progressed into the super final. In the super final all teams will earn double points so winning will be the only thing on everyone mind and good driving and smart race strategies will be rewarded each and every week of the 5 round series.



Pay for all 5 rounds and get one round free – Don’t miss this opportunity

Pay just $1068 for all 5 rounds if you enter and pay by 24th May 2017



This is Brisbane's riches race event with first prize valued at $3500

The prize is a day at the races but in very classy surrounds. The day starts with a Gold Coast helicopter ride from Kingston Park Raceway to the GC 600 then those 3 lucky team members will spend a day in the lap of corporate luxury track side in a private box watching the V8 Super cars and support races throughout the day. Then a return trip by Gold Coast helicopters back to Kingston Park Raceway later that day and the conclusion of what will truly be a 1st class money can’t buy experience.

Gold Coast Indy prize is for Sunday 22nd October 2017

Competition Dates: Wednesday 24th May, 21st June, 19th July, 23rd August 20th September


All competitor should read the T&C’s for Kingston Park Raceway and the special terms and Conditions of the Logan Law Sprint Series before entering


  1. This is a 3 man team Go Kart Sprint racing event open to all members.

  2. Any team who does not race with 3 drivers on the night will receive a 50 point penalty (Yes you can enter with just 2)

  3. Drivers in your team may be substituted from round to round but not during the night’s event.

  4. Each driver will earn points in each race they finish, no points are allocated for a DNF.

  5. Points earned on the night are tallied for each driver as an individual and they also count towards your team total

  6. Highest individual point scorer on the night will receive a prize

  7. Top scoring teams on the night will receive a trophy for 1st – 2nd – 3rd positions (1 trophy per team)

  8. In the event of rain the organisers have the right to cancel the race due to safety reasons.

  9. Races will be run in wet conditions if the organiser deems the track safe.

  10. Drivers should note that if the race is run in the wet and you are a no show on the night you will not get a refund.

  11. In the event of rain the event will be considered run once the karts have concluded the first race of the night.

  12. Should the event be rescheduled the new date will be published on the Kingston Park Face Book page.

  13. All drivers agree to abide by the race marshals ruling and no protest will be considered or dispute entered into once the nights racing is completed.

  14. All drivers compete at their own risk with the full knowledge that this is a race event and that they may be on track with drivers of lesser experience and ability than themselves and you are expected to conduct yourself in a safe manner at all times.

  15. By payment of entry fees all participants agree to the terms and conditions of Kingston Park Raceway as displayed on the web site.

  16. End of series competition winners are the team who a mass the most points during the 5 round series

  17. The prize is for 3 people to fly via helicopter from Kingston to the Gold Coast 600 then spend a magnificent day in a corporate box watching the V8 supercars and support races before being escorted back to you helicopter for the trip home.



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