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Sponsors Challenge 2017 Scoreboard

Sponsors Challenge 2016 Grand Final Night

 Welcome back to Kingston Park Raceway for the final round of the Sponsors Challenge. In what has been a very close series over the previous rounds will all be decided tonight and hold the bragging rights for the next year. Coming into this round the Hit 105 Hitman hold a 178-point lead over Logan Community Bank who hold a 98-point lead of Coca-Cola. The boys were enjoying a few nibbles pre-race and then with all of the pleasantries’ out of the way it was time to go racing.

Heat 1

With all the drivers briefed up and ready to race they headed out on their formation lap behind the pace kart in a two by two formation. As the pace kart peeled back into pit lane it was game on as the look of mateship and fun completely disappeared from the driver’s face. The lights went green and we are underway in what is going to be a good show of hard and fast racing. On the first lap Carter opened up a 1.357 gap over Hartshorne while the other drivers were getting their rhythm going for the race. Lap 2 saw Hartshorne and Vincent closing in on carter with both achieving lap times in the 62.8 area. Lap 4 Hartshorne is in striking distance of Carter but couldn’t make the move stick going into turn 1 but got him at turn 8. Coming up the closing stages of the race Vincent and Bloomfield make their move on Carter down the main straight heading into turn 1. At this moment Vincent achieved the fastest lap with a 61.713 while Hartshorne holds a 1.513 gap over him. On the final Hartshorne was quite surprised to see how close Vincent had closed the gap in a lap. Vincent achieved a 61.282 with Hartshorne holding the out to 0.517.

Heat 2

The drivers returned after having a 15-minute break before going out in heat 2 for the reverse grid formation. As the drivers made their way down the straight the lights went green and everyone sprinted to turn 1 to set themselves perfectly for turn 2 but this wasn’t the case at turn 2 as few drivers didn’t slow down enough for the corner and spun out creating big hazard for the incoming drivers. Surprisingly Bloomfield, Jones and Vincent managed to make their way through the traffic jam to chase down the lead pack. Vincent and Bloomfield move up 1st and 2nd positions on lap 3. Bloomfield dives up the inside of Vincent at turn 1 and makes the move stick. Most of the overtaking for the races so far have all been done on the main straight or going into turn 1. After being caught in the traffic jam on lap 1 Carter moved up to 8th but got caught again at another traffic jam at turn 7 and after all that hard work dropped back to 11th place.

Heat 3

After the little crazy race before the drivers were reminded to give each other space so we don’t have any more traffic jams like the previous race. Lap 1 saw Vincent and Hartshorne resume their battle but this time for second position. At the start of lap 3 Bloomfield, Vincent and Hartshorne pull out 62 second laps then at turn 8 Hartshorne dive bombs up the inside of Vincent to get the run to chase down Bloomfield. Hartshorne took the lead off Bloomfield and started to open up a gap to Bloomfield and Vincent. In the closing stages of the race Vincent made a move on Bloomfield to take 2nd position while Hartshorne opened the gap up to 1.210 and 61.746 second lap. In what was a quieter race of the night all drivers were racing hard and fast out there.


It has now come down to the moment of truth to see who will be crowned the champions for 2016 in the Sponsors Challenge. With all the drivers briefed up and ready to race they headed out on their formation lap behind the pace kart in a two by two formation for the final. The lights went green and here we go for the final sponsors race of the year. Lap 1 saw the top 7 drivers pull away from the pack with Bloomfield dropping back to 6th place with carter hot on his heels. Lap 2 Vincent opens a 2 second gap over Hartshorne and Carter puts a move on Bloomfield at turn 1. Coming up to turn 8 on lap 3 Matterson put the nose of the kart into the disappearing line and couldn’t make it stick and took out Hartshorne in the process while Vincent opened up a 3.526 gap over 2nd place. Over the half way stage of the race the top 9 drivers are doing a 62 second or below lap. The fast lap of the night came on lap 7 with Vincent doing a 60.989 while holding over a 7 second lead on Dryden in 2nd place.

In what has been one hell of a night out karting for all of the drivers in the Sponsors Challenge it was now time to see who will be the champions and have the bragging rights for the next year. Once again we would like to thank all of our sponsors for coming down for a great night and hope everyone does enjoy the Christmas break. Stay safe and hope to see you back next year for another awesome time out karting here at Kingston Park Raceway.

Winners of the Night

1st Place – Ben Vincent

2nd Place – Paul Bloomfield

3rd Place – Graham Hartshorne

Fastest Lap of the Night – Ben Vincent with a 60.989

Team of the Night

1st Place – Hit 105 Hitman with 640 Points

2nd Place – Coca-Cola with 570 Points

3rd Place – JJ Richards with 526 Points

Championship Winners for 2016

1st Place – Hit 105 Hitman with 2900 Points

2nd Place – Coca-Cola with 2554 Points

3rd Place – Logan Community Bank with 2548 Points

Thank you all the teams and drivers who competed in this years series and we cant wait to see our sponsors back for the 2017 series which will kick off in February

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